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  • Installer Password reset for CICS

    Does anyone know how to reset the Installer password on a Norstar CICS?

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    Re: Installer Password reset for CICS

    Hi i have this....

    change time/date to Feb 1/91
    -press feature **debug
    -password is 144900
    -next to memory dump
    -show memory dump
    -address?????? (Use codes provided below)
    -show and next (write down all codes)
    -cross out 1st 0 and every other digit until you get to alpha digits (password is leftover numerical digits)
    -release and enter configuration using this code
    8X24 DR2 F900FA
    6X16 DR2 0B00FA
    8X24 DR3 1C040A
    3X8 DR5 300AA0
    6X16 DR5 0B0AA0
    6X16 DR5DS 300AA0
    8X24 DR5 1C0AA0
    8X24 DR5.1 1C0B2C
    MICS R1T1 C00DEA
    CICS 1.0 C010A8
    MICS 1.0 C0101C
    1.) The "debug" programming is kind of difficult to pull out the password if you've never done it before, but I will tell you if you do it once and write down what ITAS tells you, so you can do it again. Just know that it is password protected and that password changes daily. So if you do try this and want to do it again another day, you'd better write down the date you originally did the "debug", or you'll need the new password for that day.
    2.) If the KSU has an expansion cartridge, simply power the KSU down, remove the cartridge and power up. This will of course wipe out all programmed data including installer passwords. Should the KSU not have an expansion cartridge, add one and repeat the previously listed instructions. Another method is to boot the KSU with an older version of software forcing it to do a cold restart. (WARNING: You loose all customers programming!). All programming defaults so your Install password will be config.
    3.) Connect my own RAD to the Norstar, then use Norstar Manager "on line session" for pre 2.0 releases or Remote Tools "browser" for 2.0 and newer releases. You gain access to the database with out needing a password (it's your RAD so you know its password) and this allows you to display all passwords in the system.
    4.) There is one other drastic measure that will force the switch to do a cold restart, and that is to short the battery on the MICS motherboard. Simply open up the plastic case, find the battery, bridge the battery posts with a screwdriver head, plug it in, and the switch forgets its ever had any software installed. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, supported by Nortel, and will void any warranty, but is also works on RAD's when you've forgotten the password. Very useful on switches out of warranty.


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      That's great and useful info. Do you know the code to reset newer version software up to 7.1

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    Re: Installer Password reset for CICS

    Another option is if you have a FastRAD and NRU you can see the current password using the browser tool. If not, then use the debug procedure described in the previous post.