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  • Meridian opt. 11

    New hunt group using a pilot with 10 users in group. I have tried the LD 18 and it will only allow me 6 users then using 57 I can't put in the pilot #. This is the first time I have tried to start and add from scratch.

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    Re: Meridian opt. 11

    Group Hunting
    One of two hunting types may be specified to determine the order in which the extensions in the group will be searched to find a free extension. These are :-
    1. Linear Hunting (LIN)
    Hunting starts from the first DN in the list to the last, until an idle extension
    is found.
    2. Round Robin (RRB)
    Hunting starts at the first free extension after the last extension used therefore distributing calls evenly amongst the members of the group.
    Any member can opt out of the group to prevent being accessed via the pilot DN. Users enter a Flexible Feature Code for Group Hunt Termination Deactivation - GHTD (e.g. #59). Digital set users may have a dedicated key to opt out.

    Feature Implementation
    This feature is implemented in two stages.
    The first stage uses Program 18 to define the extensions in the group. Each extension is placed in "STOR" of what is termed the "Group Hunt List". The list is identified by a unique list number. There is a separate list for each hunt group in the system.
    The second stage uses Program 57 to define the Pilot DN and associate it with the "Group Hunt List".
    Two examples are given below. Example 1 details the steps taken to change the extensions in an existing group. Example 2 details how to create a new group.
    Example 1 - Changing the Extensions In a Departmental Hunt Group
    In this example an extension (DN 2555) is added to the group identified by Pilot DN 2111. The procedure consists of three part:-
    1 Using Program 57 to obtain the list number for Pilot DN (2111)
    2 Using Program 20 to print the extensions in the list.
    3 Using Program 18 to change the list
    First find the list number.
    > LD 57 Load Program 57.

    TYPE FFC Always enter FFC to this prompt.
    CUST 0
    CODE PLDN Request printout of Pilot Directory Numbers.
    The system responds by printing out all Pilot DNs defined on the system.
    CUST 00

    PLDN 2000
    LSNO 050
    MQUE 0

    PLDN 2010
    LSNO 051
    MQUE 0

    Printout Cont…

    PLDN 2111 Pilot DN is 2111.
    USE GPHT Used for Group Hunting.
    LSNO 063 List number 63.
    HTYP RRB Round Robin type hunting.
    CFWI NO NO indicates that any extension in the group that activates Call Forwarding will be excluded from the hunt group (YES would indicate that any extension in the group that activates Call Forwarding will still be included in the hunt group.)
    MQUE ALL Calls may be queued when all extensions in the group are busy.
    ALL indicates that every incoming call will be queued and will hear ring tone when all extensions in the group are busy.
    1 indicates that only the first call will be queued.
    0 Indicates that no calls will be queued.
    ACTM indicates that the number of calls allow to queue will be equal the number of Active memb
    **** Exit Program 57.
    Now print the extensions in list 63.
    >LD 20 Load Program 20.

    LSNO 63 Specify the list number.
    SIZE This is a system response indicating the maximum number of extension permitted in this list.
    RNGE You can limit the number of group members (extensions) printed by specifying the numbers of the stores you wish to print. Carriage return indicates that all stores are to be printed.

    The system responds with the listing.

    GHLN 0063 List number.
    GHT List type.

    PLDN 2111 Pilot DN.
    DNSZ 4 Indicates that the DNs stored have a maximum of 4 Digits.
    STOR 0 2202 DN 2202 is held in store 0.
    STOR 1 2303
    STOR 2 2404
    STOR 3 2505
    STOR 4 Store 4 is spare.
    STOR 5

    REQ END Exit Program 20.

    In this third stage we add DN 2555 to list 63.
    >LD 18 Load Program 18.

    TYPE GHT Identify the type of list.
    LSNO 63 Identify the list number.
    STOR 4 2555 Add DN 2555 to the spare store number 4.

    REQ END Exit Program
    Note: To delete an entry from a store, select the store as if you were changing its contents (above) and press the space bar twice then carriage return until the REQ prompt appears and then exit the program.

    to ceate a new Hunt Group

    LD 18
    req new
    type ght
    lsno x
    dnsz 4 ( dn digit length )
    size 10 define max number of DN's in list
    wrt c/r
    stor 0 1st dn
    wrt c/r
    stor 1 2nd DN
    wrt c/r
    stor 2 3rd dn
    and so on until list is complete

    ld 57

    req chg
    type ffc
    cust 0
    ffct c/r
    code pldn
    pldn ( enter pilot dn here)_
    use gpht ( group hunt )
    lsno xx ( pilot DN is assigned to this list number...
    htyp rrb ( indicates round robin hunting LIN for Linear hunting )
    cfwi no
    mque all
    pldn ( create another Pilot for C/R till you see REQ

    req END
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      Re: Meridian opt. 11

      Thanks and I will try to follow your instructions.


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        Re: Meridian opt. 11

        command used to print history lists in LD 22


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          Re: Meridian opt. 11

          LD 22
          req prt
          type ahst