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  • Option 61 D channels are please

    I recently was put into a position where I am in charge of the telephone system at my place of employment and I have no Nortel training.

    Any help is appreciated; I came into the office to find that both D channels on our PR!'s are down,verifed by our carrier, and I have no idea of how to re-enable them from our Option 61. Can someone please help me get them going again?

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    Re: Option 61 D channels are please

    Go into LD 96 and type STAT DCH. Then type ENL DCH XX (XX is the D channel that is down.) Good luck. This is a tall order for a novice. In most cases the DS1 is down and requires intervention by the local carrier.


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      Re: Option 61 D channels are please

      You can also disable the D-Channels in LD 96 DIS DCH XX then go to LD 60 and disable the Lop associated with the Down D-Channel and reset the T-1 the D-Channel will auto establish and the T-1 will come back on Line if your PRI card shows yellow it is the outside vender if it is red it is on your end (99% of the time. Good luck


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        Re: Option 61 D channels are please

        I am wondering if someone can help me out. We are changing our long distance carrier from one vendor to another one. I need to know where would I go to look up the current configuration in the PBX. Can anyone provide me any feedback on how to obtain this information?



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          Re: Option 61 D channels are please

          You should open another thread for your question and not piggy back, but you can look and gather information from several places.

          LD 20 - Print your Trunks
          LD 21 - Print your LTM, RDB configurations
          LD 60 - Stat your current loop
          LD 96 - Print your DCH configurations

          You should get your system documented very well for a disaster and do not wait for upgrades.


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            Re: Option 61 D channels are please

            I need assistance in programming the D Channel, the company wants to move from the existing T-1 circuit to a PRI, and I have no knowledge of how to program the D channel to support this move


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