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  • Station to Port Printout

    Is there a way to print a report of stations and ports to a csv file that can be imported into Excel? I would like to avoide having to go through ASA one port at a time. I am in the middle of an inventory and the system has over 1300 ports connected (only 450 people in the building) with no documentation as to where they go. I am looking for a way to verify the orphaned connections and remove them.


    (2)S8750 w/ (9) 650's

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    Re: Station to Port Printout

    Use GEDI in ASA and the run the command 'list station' after the list fully populates, right click on the list and choose export. I usually set the field delimiters to tab and none. This will export as a text file which can then be opened with excel. You may need to chose the same feild delimiters in excel as you did in ASA when exporting the file. This works nicely, I use it all the time.

    good luck!


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      Re: Station to Port Printout

      Thanks for the quick reply. For some reason, I cannot copnnect via GEDI only through emulation. I am connecting via a network connection.


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        Re: Station to Port Printout

        Not sure why you have a problem with GEDI vs emulation. GEDI is basically runing emulation in the background to give you a graphical interface. if you go to help and about in ASA what version is it.

        You may just want to take the time to try reinstalling the software.


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          Re: Station to Port Printout

          Its version 3.1.13. Its a little old but its all we have right now. I will try a reinstall. -Thanks


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            Re: Station to Port Printout

            agreed a bit older but nothing out of the ordinary. I remember having a few strange problems with that load but never any problems with connecting via GEDI.

            Good luck with it.


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              Re: Station to Port Printout

              (I'm using CM4.0 and ASA 4.0.12)

              In ASA insure your login is 'auto login':
              - Click the Advanced tab (Press F9 if the left pane is not visible.)
              - Click Report
              - In the Command: enter "list station" and click the "Export Fields to file" button
              - In the drop down box, pick a location and note the full path & file name.
              - Click the "..." box after the file name to open the Export Format box
              - Choose your favorite format or just take the default.
              - Click the "Export column titles on first row?" button so you can see what is where later.
              - Next box is the Scheduler. Click "Once" and "Disconnect from system after..." then click OK. - Suggest set the 'Time' a couple minutes in the future to give you time to complete the setup.
              - Click OK.
              - If the "History, Schedule, Conntection Status" window is not visible press F10.
              - Click the 'Schedule' tab and note your job is pending. When it finishes you can click the 'History' tab and see the results and any errors.

              You will have a .txt file in the folder selected.
              - Open Excel then Open File {your file name}
              - Follow the Import options in Excel. Only caution here is be sure the "Port" column is changed from "General" to "Text" and if you have any 603E type sets make the "Type" also "Text." If these two are left as "General", Excel will convert them to exponential notation. Once in Excel you can sort and search at will.

              If you want to get fancy, schedule the job to run daily and setup an Access database as a repository. A Windows scheduler job can be created to kick everything off in the wee hours of the am. End result, you will have a fresh export every morning to enjoy with your coffee.

              Note that anything you can type on the command line in ASA will work the same way. Example, List Agent, List VDN, etc. Experiment and enjoy. ASA is a powerful tool.

              Good Luck!
              Last edited by colt45; February 3rd, 2010, 05:27 PM.


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                Re: Station to Port Printout

                Thanks for the info. I had to set ASA to autologin and that resolved the issue with GEDI.

                I was able import the data into Excel and now I can move forward with a physical inventory.

                I can't express enough thanks to evreyone for their quick response and valuable input.


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                  Re: Station to Port Printout

                  If you want to use GEDI without an 'autologin', just login via Emulator then switch to GEDI while still logged.