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  • Aut-Msg-Wt Question

    I have been using Aut-Msg-Wt in order to add additional message waiting lamps on various extensions for a while. It is particularly useful for small contact centers with group voice mail boxes.

    Anyway, this morning I deployed such a group and one of the team members found a dumb-dumb issue that I can't quite figure out. He pressed the button (as opposed to using is passively to watch for the light). A message came up on the screen saying "Message Retrieval Denied." The phone then can not dial out at all, and the screen is locked to that message. The phone can receive calls, though the display does not change. This state times out after a minute or so, and the phone goes back to the way it was. Also it can be busied out in the switch, which clears it.

    I haven't been able to figure out how to fix what I presume is a feature or permissions issue. Does anyone have any ideas?

    I have a G3si v.9.

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    Re: Aut-Msg-Wt Question

    just push the "exit" button on the phone to get your display back....
    (we use aut-msg-wt as well,, and I do not think you can retrieve messages,, we use it just to alert someone there is a vm in the group mailbox and that someone needs to check it)


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      Re: Aut-Msg-Wt Question

      When you press the button its looking at LWC for message retrieval that's all...the station does not have LWC retrieval permissions so that's why they get the error message...exit will work or like you said it will go away after awhile.
      Best to tell them it's not a usable button and "Do not press"
      Won't hurt anything other than tie up their phone for awhile.......