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  • Dial by name in Intuity Audix

    How do you create a dial by name directory on an Intuity MAP 100 system? We need to be able to have our users dial in and select people by "last name" rather than the extension number.

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    Re: Dial by name in Intuity Audix

    page 2 of the auto attendant form. Addressing Format: name


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      Re: Dial by name in Intuity Audix

      I tried that - when I dial the auto-attendant and try to enter someone's last name I receive an "invalid" message. Currently I have the auto-attendant setup as below: There is no option here for callers to dial by last name. Or am I missing something?

      5: e transfer
      7: e transfer


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        Re: Dial by name in Intuity Audix

        You are missing a couple things. As the previous post said, on the second page on the first line is a field called "Addressing Format". In that field put "name".

        On your third page right now only people who's last name contains the letters J,K,L,P,Q,R, and S can be called this way. Put "e transfer" in all digits 2 through 9. I would also provide a timeout destination if no one does anything and you could provide a direct transfer to someone using digit 1.

        I am going to assume that all the Audix subscribers are entered last name, first name.
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          Re: Dial by name in Intuity Audix

          Thanks so much "martinyoung" that worked!!! I recorded a message that said please enter the name of the person you're trying to reach "last name" first, and it worked. Everyone is entered by (last name, first) in the Intutity. We're still adding subscribers to the system. We're in the testing mode now before we roll it out to everyone. :tdn:


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            Re: Dial by name in Intuity Audix

            Does anyone know a way to import stations from an Avaya PBX into an Intuity voicemail system? It would be nice if there is a way to import this data rather than having to manually enter each person and extension into voicemail.


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              Re: Dial by name in Intuity Audix

              See Al's answer to your separately posted question on the same topic.